They say that dreams are your subconscious talking to you about something that you’re going through, trying to hide or just stuff you’ve got bottled up inside…on that note..I had a dream last night…am not gonna get into too much detail about it but it was about a female that I used to like…and think I still do….so in the dream we were conversing a bit and it started to get weird after a while….that ” I didn’t know you were this kind of person ” weird….I awoke from this all feeling perplexed…I’ve never been this puzzled about a dream in a while..and I ‘ HATE ‘ being confused about something….I feel I should know everything…but not in a obsessive way…well let me rephrase that…I Feel that I shouldn’t be stumped by something for a long period of time…I feel I should be able to figure it out within a few hours, a day the longest…but that’s not the case with this ordeal…I’m not too sure on what the dream was about….damn you proverbial messages!!!….I guess I should enlighten you guys on the relationship between me and the female…its only right I guess…..

I met her last year  around around march and it was a typical meeting of the opposite sex…we got acquainted, the interest levels grew between us…at least I would like to believe that it was mutual…the signs were there and etc…but I dunno what happened..after a while it started to dwindle rather rapid…we remained friends though…but for some reason I could never stop liking her….I guess her personality branded itself on my emotional flesh…I’m not obsessed or anything…I would like to think am not o.0…..she’s one of those genuine persons that you can’t help but to like….she’s always herself…I could ramble on about what I think makes her sui generis but that would get boring and sappy…and besides we don’t know each other like that…it just would be creepy….some random guy on the internet pouring out his emotions for a female…I can see the comments now…” SOMEBODY GET THIS GUY A PROSTITUTE…HE NEEDS TO GET LAID ” …” Can you believe this guy..this chick just castrated pathetic ” so yea..I digress…back to the matter at hand..don’t know what the dream was about, gonna crack this code though…just you watch!….there were also some numbers in there..18 and 3…gonna check to see what those have to do with anything…You know what’s sad about this all you guys…I can’t really have a conversation with her like that cause I know it wouldn’t interest her to have a conversation with me on that level…and the irony of it all is that I know when I figure this out it’s not going to have anything remotely to do with her…DAMN PROVERBIAL MESSAGES!!!!!……no wait I mean… DAMN SUBCONSCIOUS!!!…. or both..ahh I dunno…am confused….hope I didn’t bore you guys with this all but I do appreciate you taking the time out to read it cause you could’ve been watching porn or something more interesting like YouTube videos or some shit…..until next time sayonara!!

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