hello kinda bored so I really don’t where this is gonna go, so if at any point this gets weird discontinue reading…unless you’re into that kind of stuff then by all means keep reading…

I got a bunch on my mind, but at the moment I don’t know how to conjure  up the words to convey what it is that’s racing around the walls of my mind….aren’t we all like that though…then again it could just be me…nonetheless I could just be over exaggerating myself…(oh yea I forgot to mention if I also start to get incoherent and making no sense whatsoever feel free to discontinue also, unless you’re into that kind of stuff that is..then by all means continue…and afterwards get your head checked).  Ain’t it amazing how your mood can switch from one to the  other in a nano second?…and in most cases its always form good to bad….and for some reason it gets stuck there. I got just now and to my dismay I find out that my watch is missing…so now am on the exasperated side…and as in this case we all know how these things turn out…no one ever knows where your stuff goes….it just magically grows a pair of wandering legs and decides to explore the globe without your consent. I could go out and act the fool but I’d just end up with high blood pressure and still no still perturbed though..that was my brothers watch he gave to me..and now its gone….this sucks..cause he recently passed and that was like a memorabilia for me…I really dislike humans…got a deep disdain for em…well I wanted something to talk about and now I do…be careful what you wish for folks…I guess that’s all for now..don’t think I’ll be able to incorporate any sarcasm in here to keep this post interesting so I’ll just end it here…


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