The Genuine Female

Every now again again we(males) come across a female a female that is so much herself that you can’t help but to appreciate her….no matter how the situation goes you can’t have any animosity towards this particular female because they’re just….them……………. of course they have their flaws…but its overlooked…unfortunately though…this is a rare occurrence ..which makes them even more special…this brings about the admiration of such female..I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to run into such females..the sad part is..I can never have em for myself..they’re always taken…but then again its a honour to have one as a friend….or to have met one because they give you something, along with a smile this feeling of….damn I guess my vocabulary isn’t as big as I thought cause I don’t think I can find a word that best conveys how they affect you…but you get the picture I guess…she’s not only cute, beautiful, witty, and humorous….she’s genuine…

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