The Matutinal Me

There’s something about matutinal exercises that have you feeling like you can pull a freight truck with your balls…, well not exactly but you get the point. I went for a jog this morning..felt like I was gonna collapse during the jog but after a while I got used to it..which confuses me..cause although I don’t do it every day I try to go out at least 3 times a week…but yet it feels like my first time each time I do go…which is annoying as hell cause fighting for air ain’t exactly a good feeling. I know along with the jogging eating habits ties in with it also…I’ve changed a few things..I guess when I start the gym it’s gonna be hell….I’m not too worried about the ” Fullmetal Jacket ” trainer that my friend keeps telling me more concerned about the backlash my body is gonna dish out…the torture of my soon to be ” Major Pain ”  instructor won’t compare to what my body is gonna bestow upon me…and am wondering how much can I take until I’m a piece of  ” decor ” on they gym’s floor..hey I rhymed…my inner poet is showing..but I I forgot what it is that I was gonna say afterwards…A.D.D. a hell of a dysfunction ain’t it… I think am the only person I know that has A.D.D. and Dyslexia…-.-” well I guess I should stop rambling on guys should be real bored at the moment….I know I am…

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