Nap Time Daymare

There’s something I’ve been dealing with since as long as I can remember… ” day time naps “…now I know you’re probably saying to yourself ” who has problems sleeping in the day “…..but when you’re me its kinda like taboo…now my problem doesn’t lie in me falling asleep…its more so when I fall asleep and what happens…I don’t know if  life has a sick sense of humor or if it just likes f**cking with me…I guess it has orgasms when it does this.. but ever since me was a wee little lad, every time I took a trip to ” lala land ” my stay would be interrupted abruptly…whether its by some idiot in the house that ignores logic or some random noise or occurrence. Take today for instance…am home the entire day alone…and no phone calls, nobody came over, nothin’. Just me here watching anime and listening to music…but I made the silly mistake of getting tired and wanting to doze off…about 2 minutes into my departure…(I know this because the song I was listening to had just started and wasn’t close to being done yet)….I get a phone call…I told myself before I put my head on the desk that this wouldn’t last long….and sure enough I was right…life got horny and guess who it wanted to fuck…bitch-.-“…after the first phone call I got more…then a knock on the door…well of course by now I wanna blow everyone up and feed their residuals to a pack of haienas…all I want is about 30 minutes to watch the back of my eyelids…but its like asking impregnate every all my female hollywood crushes….* sigh *

Peace Out Y’all…

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