Am Cool Aren’t I??

Yooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……sup twisted people…(you know I call you twisted cause you’ve gotta be twisted to sit here and read some of the stuff I write..) well haven’t posted anything in a few days so I thought I’d give you some reading candy…(I tried to be witty just now but thats was a mega fail)….so here goes..this is all gonna be going in the direction of the wind so excuse the incoherency..

So let’s see… nothing really has been happening life is a bore..for now that is..I think it has something to do with me not having too many friends…yea am kind of a hermit, an UBER one at that…no wonder am so boredom fuels it…the only exciting thing I’ve done so far for the week is get better at the piano…WOOOT !  go me!….yup am slowly becoming a great fondler….let the molestation begin…ok I digress.. but nothing really  exciting ever happens to me..I repel all the good stuff I guess…even when I do go out it turns out to be a dud of a night or outing…* sigh * I guess am just meant to be boring. One  thing I do know though, I’m one of the coolest boring person’s out there..if you need a laugh just hit me up…don’t wanna do it? fine I got tons of imaginary friends I can converse with…though the conversation won’t last long at least I’ll have about 3 seconds of entertainment…so yea…yup I need friends…well new ones cause the ones I got now don’t really check for me..well thats it for me, as you can guess am all out of things to say so basically anything is gonna come out at this point…

side note…AM COOL BITCH!! ..(had to get that out my system)

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