I’m With Stupid

So I’d like to address something that needs to be addressed more often..A  few persons have shone light on the situation, nonetheless I have nothing better to do so I’ll just be adding my 2 cents to it all..and this matter I’ll be entertaining you guys with is the stupidity level of some people out there…its mind bewildering really

Before we get into it, I’d like to explain the very nature of this epidemic we face.. we must go to the time of conception…..now picture this scene in your heads if you will..a late night after dinner and a movie, we have the soon to be father of the future village idiot, after spending about $100 dollars to woo the mother of our future plastic for brains friend here. They get into sensual fray of lip locking and clothes removal…bumping and tripping over the docile house furniture that some how finds itself in the way of these two horny beasts on their way to the bed room. After about 20 minutes worth of tidying up they finally make it to the room to begin the demise of our little blue planet…If you will direct your attention to the corner of your mind, we will now fast forward 30 seconds to the climax of our strapping future father…(if am inaccurate at with this don’t stone me am not a doctor)  now as the millions of his little soldiers march up this womans cervix, to meet up with her egg….we have a vast amount of candidates hoping for the glory of reaching there first….this is where it gets deep….(no pun intended) there is only going to be one  sperm cell that enters the egg.. that sperm cell being considered to be the healthiest, smartest and most fit of his millions of other counterparts.

From this we have the conception of our very own ” Village Idiot “. This is going to be the guy or gal that gets their tongue stuck to a pole in the winter, staple their finger to a paper, leaving a can of coke soda on $50,000 worth of studio equipment  and or amongst many other things that baffles the hell out of the rest of us…but they are not to blame for their misfortune..they were their father’s best sperm cell…Imagine if the lesser of the sperm cells got to the egg first…scary ain’t it…don’t get scared yet…

These are the people we have to further populate the earth..which in turn leaves you to think…What the fuck is gonna happen to earth in the next few years??…..which leaves me to think that we really did evolve from apes…OH MY GOD!!! HE’S AN ATHEIST!!!…now before you rally up the mob squad… hear me out alright?..I say this because I refuse to believe an all knowing intelligent being would create a bunch of idiots and place them on a planet to procreate and uphold the balance of life and all its splendors.. Seems like a hefty task to place in the hands of some idiots… and you may argue that its not true because look at all the scholars, scientists, doctors and etc we have….yes we may have them but I guarantee you that all of them find themselves banging their head on the wall because they realize something stupid they did…I know this because I am also guilty of this…so I can point the finger…The fact of the matter is that everyone and I mean EVERYONE is a village idiot..and we have our Homo Erectus  ancestors to thank for this…

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