Down The Rabbit Hole I Go

Hey whats up you guys doin’ ?

Most of you don’t know this..well I guess all of you don’t cause I don’t broadcast it a lot…but…I am a aspiring artist/producer/entrepreneur…Heavy title ain’t it?…I’ve been on this path for a year now…full force that is…I love making music and I love the craft. I enjoy the many pastels you can get from hearing a melody, the different shapes each sound produces..I love well structured lyrics, I also love playing with words and presenting a story to listeners.

They say hard work pays off and it has materialized itself to me time and time again. Just this morning it materialized itself to me in the  form of an email..which was totally unexpected…but I guess thats  this moment I don’t know whether to be excited, concerned, or to sit in disbelief pinching myself. At the beginning of the year I further pursued my passion by ” merging ” with some folks to help exploit my talents to the world..It’s been going smooth for the most part..and now it’s gotten ” silt smooth” if you will…so I now have a lot to look forward to in the near future….I will continue to share my experience with you guys as time elapses…sorry this post was a bit boring but so what you’ve read which means you’re now my faithful minion mauhahahahahahahaa!…nah not really you probably just didn’t have anything better to you pitied me and read this garbage…nonetheless I appreciate you taking the time out to indulge in my ventures.. here’s a link to some of my music head on over and take a listen if you find you like anything they’re all free to download…:)

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