The Whoopin’

Hey what’s up friends..(and the two persons living in my head)….hope all is well…so yesterday I started the gym…good for me right?…normally I would take the pat on the back and the stroking of the ego, but the tension and pain in my muscles won’t allow it… and at this very moment, its a struggle to type..yes it’s that bad…if you take a look at my photo where ever it is on this page you can pretty much figure out why am in so much pain…this is the price you pay for being lazy most of your life….oddly enough though….I’m enjoying this…its slowly becoming a drug…taking over my system creating a euphoria in a sense…I’m addicted to self improvement…it’s my vice I guess…I’m always looking for ways to improve myself, whether it’s mentally, physically or just learning and instrument (I’m currently learning the piano but I’ll fill you in on that on another date)..I think everyone should venture off into this field…(self improvement that is)…some people look at it as change…but your can never change who you are may be able to change habits but your core being is not subjected to change…you just improve whats already there making it better..but back to my gym experience I’ve digressed enough..

As you can imagine by me being the rookie in the gym, there’s  has to be someone helping me out..and unfortunately the persons he;ping me out aren’t exactly the friendly bunch…which contributes to my muscle know that saying ” I ache in place I never knew I had “…well that wasn’t said just to give you a chuckle….I now empathize with that person and that saying because…well …when you tend to just live life and not take care of your body it kicks your ass when you decide to…yea paybacks a bitch..especially when its coming from your own body…” I’m sorry I’ll take better care of you I promise “….and you guys should too…it’s really worth it..but don’t take my word for it, when your body decides to whoop ass then you’ll see..I’d really like to continue this little chat but I a shower and some rest is in order here….the things we do to ourselves…* sigh *…Peace out folks !

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