The Nudge

What it do blog folks…So I’ve been absent for a while but am  back so you can stop scratching your arms and rocking in the fetal position…hope you enjoy this post I’m a bit rusty so break out the WD-40 guys…

You guys know those scenes in the movie where the character  is dreaming and some freaky shit is going on, then they awake in some  fucked up situation?…either they’re tied up in a room or under water….they always wake up to realize that some shit is about to go down and they need to get their asses out of dodge immediately or it’s night night for good…well thats kinda what has happened to me in a sense…but it was more like reality holding a mossberg shotgun to my nuts and firing all eight shots on them..I won’t relive the incidents  but I will share my life’s lesson with you guys…

First off I would like to say that it’s good to bench every once  and a while….you see the court/field better…and it always leaves you in astonishment to see the things that you’ve been doing…some things you see makes you wanna bash your skull against a an oncoming freight train, like I felt like doing…but nonetheless these mistakes that we make allows us to better persons in the end…(for some people that is, others aren’t so smart so to speak)…

I realized that the lifestyle I was living was very, very, VERY unhealthy…but not in a sense of eating habits or anything like that…but more on the for lack of a better expression right now…spiritual aspect of things..I wasn’t doing things to put myself in the position where I need or needed to be…and that’s real detrimental for anyone to matter who you are and what you’re into, you’ve got to have certain things in place…you don’t know what the hell you’re gonna get yourself into…life is capricious and you’ve got to be prepared…basically what happened to me was a situation where life needed to have a one on one with me to let me know that ” hey you may be privy to what’s going on with everything but homie you not as ready as you think you are so you gon have to revisit boot camp ” I think this is like my first nudge from reality…realizing that…am real scared about the other ones to come..depending on the situation it may be worse…am used to eureka moments and epiphanies and shit..all this full on action stuff is out of my comfort zone….the sad part about it all is that I can’t get any consoling for any of this…well let me not say that…I won’t be able to find anyone to console me on this shit…(being a ” chosen one ” sucks at times)….at this time I’d like to thank everyone around me for being themselves…if you hadn’t been the persons you are I would not have arrive to this point..especially one in particular…if they read this they’ll know who they are..I’m probably gonna have them read it anyway…but I thank you guys a lot…I’ve still got a lot to work on and am gonna get on it asap..knowing what you need to do and doing what you need to do are two totally different things….I’m glad I know that now..I’m grateful for all the negative things that’s happened to all actuality they weren’t so negative…I guess thats just me having a unorthodox outlook on everything…I love me:)….but I digress…hope this wasn’t a complete bore to you guys…if so..oh well you read it so what are you gonna do?? kill yourself??…if you do, please leave a note stating that I had nothing to do with you wanting to paste your brains on the wall..appreciate it :)….thats it for now

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