You know what really excites me?…passion..anything or anyone that has this immense level of passion intrigues me….I become engulfed…I then gain a lot of respect for that thing or person…

I saw a few things this morning and it sent me on a mental trip..the first was an interview with Kanye West on the Ellen DeGeneres Show….I always knew he was a passionate person but watching this interview I realized that he and I cross paths on certain views…his love for music and art is similar to mine…ways in which he wants to innovate with these ‘ tools ‘ I find myself wanting to do the same….. the second thing I saw was a behind the scenes video on how the people at Adobe went about creating their newest product which is Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection…the amount of thought process that went into it all was incredible….they were very meticulous about how they wanted to present it and what features they wanted in that product…and as you can imagine the end results were beautiful….they knew what they wanted and how they wanted to achieve it…that right there is admirable…I have a great love for a love of…to me the greatest form of passion is art…I feel that the way you can express yourself with it is endless…you have no limits..only creativity…when I watch persons that are so passionate about what they do it gives me a ‘ high ‘…..there’s no greater joy than that of watching someone create or becoming intrigued by something…their curiosity sends them spiraling into a world of adventure and discovery…curiosity begets passion and passion begets endless possibilities….anytime a person allows themselves to become so dissolved in passion I feel success is imminent….thats because in this state you open yourself up to energies that attract and propel you into good fortune…and anyone who disagrees with this statement needs a lobotomy….or is a bitter prune because they didn’t make it anywhere in life and hates anyone who aspires to…you’ve just got to appreciate any form of passion…cause it’s special….(side note..I want you to know that I don’t throw these words around in my everyday vocab..i.e beautiful, special, passion when I do use em am sincere about em)…an example of how much I’m fascinated about this stuff is that, I could absolutely abhor a person to an extent where I’d wanna throw up when I see em…but if they’re passionate about something I tolerate them because I respect their love for what ever it is they do…although I may have a dislike for them their passion shows that they have a love for life through an aspect of it…I love life so I’m going to respect their love for life…if I don’t then thats a disrespect for life itself….thats just how I feel…anyone with a passion has a purpose…and that purpose leads to greatness on a grandeur level….

well that’s all you guys get today..hope you enjoyed it…and if not..ask yourself..why the hell do you keep reading this stuff???

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