Heya…its been a minute….how’s it goin’ ?…lovely weather we’ve been having…..well thats enough for the insincere formalities…I’ll just get straight into it

I’ll start with my weekend…I was assisting a friend in relocating his belongings….and I must say..depending on the friendship….am never gonna do that again…almost had a few injuries….barley ate…and my back was in excruciating pain…this was the most annoying back pains ever!…and to make it worse I couldn’t find a midget so that I could’ve paid them to walk on it for me..don’t know if that shit works though, but I just wanted to try it out…I probably would’ve let a dumpster truck run over my back…I hate being in pain.. of any kind actually…..I don’t have the patience for it….I get fed up quick….but back to the topic….my appetite  went on the fritz also…I was a bit scared..usually am a human food disposal but I took a turn for the worse…started getting a full stomach from less food than usual and it was also causing stomach aches…but it’s subsided thankfully….now am back to scarfing down the usual 3 tons of food per meal…hmmm..lets see..what else has been going on in this boring life of mine…oh yea went into this withdraw from not being able to attend the gym….I’ve become a junkie * sigh *…..at least its not crack or porn…then I would have a real conundrum…oh yea..I got something else I wanna share with you guys but its not appropriate for this post..its kinda on the serious side…..I know the few of you are wondering why have I been posting so many serious stuff….well let me answer that for ya….cause I fucking can:)…..but you get something from it so stop the whining and continue to read…and besides I’ve been serious this whole time..you just thought I was being entertaining for 3 minutes…thats it for today’s session…I guess…

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