Honey I’m Home

Hello you mindless zombies…it’s time for your fix again!….I originally wanted to post this shit yesterday but  my Internet was down:(….

So am back to my old PC…which I guess most people would dread seeing as how it be a bit of a downgrade…but because being the awkward, sui generis guy that I am, it actually feels good to have it back…although it never really went anywhere…I just had it sitting up collecting dust while I went crazy with a newer one..which was my mom’s but I bullied it for the past 4 months…it was a custom built gaming PC….and if any of you are as tech savvy as I am knows that comes in at a pretty hefty price…but thats not why I gathered your reading interest…

Having my old PC back is SO FREAKING AWESOME!…..although its much slower, older and is on the verge of having no hard disk space due to the immense junk I got on here….but it’s invaluable junk nonetheless… i.e., my music, collection of photography, and beats that I composed…I dunno..using it again after all this time feels so refreshing…I know it’s just a PC but it feels like am returning home from away after a voyage over the seven seas and scouring the four corners of the earth (side note…this shit perplexes the shit out of me..why is there a term  ” four corners ” of the earth if this bitch is supposed to be a sphere???…I digress)..and being reunited with home….I really needed this though…I was in a state of decline….am not feeling jaded anymore because of this…what ever connection it is I’ve got with this, am glad I’ve got it…thats all for now though….I just wanted to share my moment with you guys…until my next random outburst…get a life!, and be sure to include me in it 🙂

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