I think am going to skip all the formalities and get right into it…

Every now and again I slip into a state of numbness..everything becomes boring to me and I tend not to care even becomes a bit insipid to me…I become jaded..although this may seem horrible…I on the other hand enjoy it…and the reason for that is that, it severs me from my emotions..which in turn my thoughts become more clear…I tend to make more sound judgements… focus is increased…I worry less….I can go on forever but I think you get my point…

Don’t get me wrong though…although I like this state of mind, I don’t force myself into it….whenever it comes I use it to my advantage and when it’s gone I continue life as it were….it doesn’t occur often though..which I like….cause then I would become jaded at being jaded…if that makes any sense…oh yea I don’t walk around all melancholy either…that would just be pathetic…I abhor seeing that shit…I mean I know you’re not feeling all ” happy go lucky ” or anything but sheesh…don’t get your gloom on me..that shit’s not meant to be shared….helped..but not shared…where was I..oh yea the jaded thing…it’s actually good if you use it correctly….that’s just my opinion…if you don’t believe me..then next time you’re jaded and you so happen to remember this…see if what I said is true…and if it’s not then you gain or lose nothing and everything remains the same….see ya

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