Who’s Listening

I’ve been sitting here for a minute, and I’ve been cogitating on something that’s been frequenting my mind for a while now…it’s concerning the people I interact with…I’ve been trying to figure out how serious they take my words when I say them…

I know when most people talk its just mostly smoke and mirrors…mainly to entertain themselves I guess..narcissist bastards…but enough about them…its about me….well about me and my words…it’s a fact that everyone wants to be taken seriously…but unfortunately this wont happen 100% of the time..and am comfortable with that…but when its not taken seriously 100% of the time…then there’s a problem…Am not a liar or anything..in fact I abhor the habit….cause it’s not me that you’re lying to, it’s yourself….and in my books, anyone who isn’t honest with themselves ain’t right in the head and needs a team of psychiatrists…I digress…but like I said..when am not taken seriously 100% of the time then its kind of a bother…I used to think that it had something to do with my demeanour…I mean when you’re known to be a quiet person to some people, you tend to get over looked…and on the other hand when you’re known to be a jerk to others then yea you may have a problem with them taking you seriously….nonetheless am a lovable person….otherwise why would you have my company??…(a quick disclaimer…am not a complete jerk….I can be quite the philanthropist and a psychiatrist)…come to think of it though…I can really care less about how seriously a person takes me…I don’t gain or lose anything from my encounters with people…it’s vice versa…so I guess this post and thought was irrelevant….damn…that’s  time we’re never gonna get back…ohhh darnnn..I just lost some readers didn’t I?..oh well…thanks for reading! :)….

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