Gloom Is Not My Forte

Good day cyber people…as you may have noticed I’ve been a bit lazy with my posts lately…and I do apologize for it…I vow to keep it consistent as I did in the beginning..if at any time I fail to meet this task…I give you guys permission to send anthrax to my mailbox…nah not really…but I will make an effort to be consistent… now that the apologies and formalities are out of the way let’s get to it…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at the comforting thing…I’ve always known this but it really sank in last night….I found myself in one of those moments where even though words are useless it’s still good to have the right ones to say..(well at least that’s just my opinion.. but anyway)..I wasn’t able to express those words….don’t get me wrong…I completely empathize with those persons..I just can’t find the words to give them reassurance or some kind of comfort that every thing’s going to be alright….I just sit there blank and find myself feeling sad cause that person is feeling crappy and also because am unable to help in that situation…I hate feeling incompetent…(no wonder I dislike religion)…and if you think am over exaggerating with it all..let me give you an example…my brother past away this year and when we got the news everyone was torn of course…but I wasn’t able to reach out to my own mother to try and comfort her…couldn’t even muster up a hug……I dunno, maybe it’s not in my DNA to be able to….I hate it though….and I dislike it when people whom I’m close to is all melancholy and lugubrious, but there’s nothing I can do to help the situation in any way….I sat at my pc for an hour trying to find at least one word that I could say to comfort this person last night but I was unable to…couldn’t even come up with a suggestion that would aid them….it really sucks when you care but at the same time you’re completely helpless… :(..hurting makes me hurt…* sigh *…

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