In This Life

In life people often struggle to figure out what it is exactly we should be doing…some manage to figure this out while some fall short of their answer…the ones that do find their answer, are the ones that stand out and become etched in time…

People spend most of their lives just existing , following a tradition passed down….not knowing why they do but just cause it’s always been….most seem to be content with it all..but there’s a small few that question their existence..those are the ones that go on to find their answers…they persistently and arduously pursue their answer….and in their journey they follow and create new paths to finding an answer…..each answer is different for each person is different…..every experience is personal….giving a different outcome or set answer…..but there is an unyielding will that drives these people…..this will gives them no other choice but to find their answer…the funny thing about it all is that their question for existence can only be answered by themselves….no one or being can give them this answer but themselves…so within their entire journey this answer resides with them but they don’t realize this until they’ve reached a certain level of comprehension to their own existence…so it then goes from them trying to unearth an answer for all existence, to finding an answer for their own self existence…..and now this arduous journey to find an end becomes easier to see…..they now KNOW what it is they’re searching for exactly….then becomes more of a reality to them…to others it may still seem intangible….but to them it is tangible…because it’s their answer…..

In this life one thing counts…and it is up to you to find out what that one thing is…

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