The frantic heart skipping a beat…banging against the chest to be free..in search of a haven..but it’s weighed down by a burden..too weak for progress..it then becomes stagnant….this heart becomes doomed….now infected by a disease vulnerable…and recessive to everything outside of itself…it falls at the bottom of the food chain..now the weaker link..it’s disease becomes worse..with it’s soul encompassed…there’s only a matter of time until existence is nil..the air slowly becomes saturated by it’s stench….it’s in deep shit now..who would have thought giving in to this disease would reduce the heart to such a frail state..pathetic and tainted..devoid of all hope..imprisoned by the disease…

Sadly though…no pity is given to one who falls victim to the disease….only death..those are the unwritten rules…but in order to succeed one must rid himself of such a plague..this hindrance that stops a man from becoming….it’s so powerful though…this disease..finding its way into the heart of persons and then destroys them..it’s such an ugly death..the name of this destructive force you ask?…it’s called ” FEAR “…it’s the demise of all…once succumbed by it…you can rest assure some form of failure will follow….you see, fear lives in us all…but only those who allow their hearts to be devoured…life is short changed for them..missing out on what could’ve been..filled with regrets…Fear is for the impuissant…paralyzed by it they fall prey to failure..an easy kill…when a person has no will, fear destroys them easily…there is no place in time for fear…don’t let it stop you from becoming…always do what you’re afraid to do….so..are you prey???

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