From Me To You

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Greetings net junkies, it’s the Grinch here, about to suck all of the fun from your holiday and tell you why I hate Christmas…nah not really..but I hope that everyone enjoyed yesterday with their families and pigged out  on all that fattening grub that was whipped up..

I always find myself sitting and thinking about stuff on Christmas….this year I spent it alone….watched a movie and listened to some music…although am sure that I wasn’t the only one who did…I don’t really celebrate it though…I quit it a long time ago…let’s just say I couldn’t attach myself to it…so every year I try to find something to entertain myself while everyone else is feeling the Christmas spirit….this year I had a goal..but sadly I couldn’t accomplish it…I wanted to go around collecting food from everyone’s house…I was disappointed in a real fan of food…so you can imagine how crushed I was…the one time I wanted to join the festivities I couldn’t….what a let down.. * sigh *

My Christmas memories are never good…sure hope I don’t end up a Scrooge in the future o.O….I don’t think I would though..I won’t bash people for being happy and appreciating a day that helps them enjoy life just a bit more than I do…I’d be a hater to the game….and am most certainly not a hater…it’s not in my DNA to be a fuck shot…

In other news…my birthday is in 2 weeks..I won’t be celebrating that either…well at least not in a festive way…I’d just like to kick it….preferably with a certain someone…that would make me smile inside…

So on that note….I’d like to wish you guys a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year folks!

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