Yay It’s here!!

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Happy New Year and all that good jolly stuff to ya ! (you should hear the sarcastic enthusiasm in my voice when I say that)….by this time I assume you guys are having a massive headache from all the booze last night…enjoying yourselves with friends and strangers….and waking up to friends or a stranger in the bed….or like some persons waking up alone content or depressed either way you stayed up all night thinking about what the new year holds for you….making resolutions that last the first month and then reverting back to what you used to do cause you’re not seeing any progress…..but please don’t do that…you’re capable of changing so stick with it….

I hope everyone in general makes a change in the way they approach things in life for the new year…no sense in stagnant progress….and I hope that there’s good fortune to come for everyone also…whether it be in friendship, knowledge or a horde of mula …..but in most cases let it be the last one…everyone deserves to be financially secured…

What I would like for myself is a bit more heart felt smiles in my days…so am gonna work on that…putting my drive into overdrive….I plan on going hermit after my birthday this year which is next week….gonna focus more efforts towards myself…so there’ s going to be very little human contact…honestly I hate the bastards…very upsetting bunch of species…always a pain in the ass…(that’s just me being snobby :D)…..

I guess I’ll go start my day now..I had something else I wanted to talk to you guys about but I forgot what it was but oh well…soo on that note…you guys enjoy the first day of the new year and please let’s not indulge into too much stupidity.. you know what am talking about.. you don’t?? oh well never mind  then…uhhh pip pip cheerio! ( excuse that last part that’s just boredom kicking in)

2 thoughts on “Yay It’s here!!

  1. “I plan on going hermit…”

    Funny you should write that, because I just did it, two days ago. For the same reason, too. Because all species of human are upsetting me and ruining my otherwise calm and collected mojo.

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