Consistency Is Key

Morning’s it going?…guess what???……I got a year older yesterday..isn’t that great?!…how did I celebrate you ask???….well I don’t wanna brag or anything but since you asked….. I sat at home the entire day….doing nothing..I had such a blast…can’t wait to do it again next year…and to test out my new aged body, guess what I did this morning?….I went jogging (something I haven’t done in about 2 months maybe..if not 2 months it’s been pretty close to it)

I decided..well actually it was a friend who suggest that we go jogging this morning…but that’s not the point…we got up at like 7:30-ish…make our way out to the field/track (whatever it is you wanna call it)….we warm up by walking 2 laps around this thing….and the muscles in my legs start to tighten up…the reason for this is that I went to the gym a few days earlier and did a few leg work outs..and didn’t stretch afterwards so yea those of you who know the importanceĀ  of that know the agony I put myself through with that…but getting back on topic…we start the jog…now we usually do about 4 laps around this bitch….but bear in mind that am kinda out of shape since I fell off with it all…

I get to my 3rd lap and I’m feeling blown out….so a little part of me is like hey man you haven’t been consistent with it so 3 laps is good for your first time back…but then my ego is like nah fuck that shit…keep going until you can’t anymore…guess which voice I listened to?… you guessed it…my ego!….so am saying to myself, if I make it to 4 laps I can’t stop cause then I got this thing with numbers and 4 isn’t a good one for me (s/n didn’t know this before when we used to do 4 laps in the past, so it was okay for me)…so I got to my fourth lap…but at this point am completely gone…..but at the back of my mine I can’t stop on I push for another lap… this point my chest is a forest fire and my lungs are close to shrivelling up on me…I wanna stop soooooo bad but thanks to pride I endure this pain….

I made the 5th lap and come to a stop…and then proceed to walk it off…as am walking…I start to get light headed and I get this taste of blood in my mouth…and my gums hurt….so I check to see if there’s really blood in my mouth…but there isn’ am tripped out at this point…but then a thought came to me…you weren’t consistent so now your body has to get used to this torture again….felt like I was gonna have to carried off on a stretcher……

So that was my morning..wanted to share that with you guys….:)….hope you enjoyed it..which I know you did…cause you guys just love me sooooo much…..

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