Behold The Beauty Of Nature

Evening skies are most enjoyable…I was entranced by one a few moments ago…walking through my kitchen area..I caught a glimpse of it through my living room window…seeing this I had to taker a closer look at it…I open the door and stood there in a daze at the captivating scenery…..

The sunset stained sky served as a backdrop for the trees in front of my apartment  building….fading from a fiery peach to a calming blue horizon….(there was this small lonesome cloud in the shape of a heart, then it shortly faded into a boot)…

I snowballed into a few thoughts…all of which I have forgotten already….which is kinda good…shows how powerful this scene was…I imbibed it as long as I could, knowing that in a few minutes it would be swallowed by the night sky fast approaching… wish I had a camera though….(the image I chose was the closest thing to it..but still not quite what I saw but at least it’ll give you guys a visual)


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