I know what you’re thinking..the apple guy(Sir Isaac Newton) explained this already…yes indeed he did..but I didn’t gather your attention for science….am sure you guys have enough school work to concentrate on…well most of you.

I’m at a stand still…I’ve been listening to two songs with the same by John Mayer and the other one is by Sara Bareilles, guessed it..they’re both called ” Gravity “…now since I couldn’t decipher which one was more pleasing on the ear..I tried to break down the message behind the song…and they both talk about the same thing basically….

Both musicians are phenomenal….composition and writing are admirable…I know I shouldn’t compare but I feel like challenging my mind….am bored..this is the best I can do for now…but anyways…I guess am gonna be on this for a while but I just thought I’d share my intrigue with you guys….

<John Mayer – Gravity.mp3>

first up…John Mayer(

and second we Sara Bareilles

(I don’t know why but wordpresss isn’t letting me link 2 videos to this post…that sucks but at least you have the link so you can still hear it)

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