Time Warp & Friends

Hello there…have we met??…we have??o.O…ohh yeaaaa it’s you guys..it’s been so long, I barely recognize you…how’s everything been??..good, good…well it’s funny you should mention that cause I was in thought earlier..and I was thinking the same thing…allow me to convey my thoughts to you

I was browsing the internet like I always do and I came across something  sent me into a moment of cogitation..I started to mill over what it would be like for me in the future…I pictured success(like everyone else out there)…but I had something missing..a family…i.e. kids, grandkids…etc…it didn’t bother me much though because I don’t plan on having any…it’s not that I hate kids or anything like that..I love em…I just don’t want any of my own is all…it’s funny..whenever I zoom into the future I’m always alone…I guess cause it’s what am used to…I’ve accepted the idea of being in solitude…

I do have good friends though..but not too many…it’s how I think it should be….there should be friends, acquaintances, and associates…..you will always have tons of associates and acquaintances but you’ll only have very few friends…and the answer for that is easy….there’s only a small few who’s gonna see the you for who you are and they will accept and love all of the things about you that you don’t…the others(acquaintances and associates) don’t really care..some just take interest of you for the moment…and when that intrigue disappears they do also…

Be careful who you open up to, only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious

I guess I kinda digressed a bit….I had a dream last night in it was a little girl who appeared before in one of my others a long time ago…I had a conversation with her….can’t remember exactly what we were saying but it was along the lines of catching up with each other…she’s the cutest little thing…while and after talking with her I was calm and quite happy…I felt good inside…not sure what aspect of myself she represents but I’ll figure it out…

I completely forgot what else it was I wanted to talk about…lol sorry guys..but hope you enjoyed it :P..


4 thoughts on “Time Warp & Friends

  1. Sorry, I had to run!

    Very nice post. It’s ok to not want kids. I didn’t want kids. But guess what I’ve got? A daughter.

    And she’s my buddy. I wouldn’t change having her for the world!

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