Words I Never Said: Fear or Freedom??

Good whatever moment in time you’re reading this…before we get into this post…I’d like to digress for a moment…last night while in ” la la-land “…I got bit on my arm by a some nocturnal creature…that shit hurt like hell..my arm feels lethargic right now….you can go ahead and sympathize with me now..yea this has nothing to do with what am about to discourse…..but hey we’re friends right?  and we should feel free to share any piece of information with each other regardless of how irrelevant it is…that’s what makes this relationship so special…or is it all in my head???…but enough twaddle talk though..let’s dive in shall we…

I got a few questions to ask you guys…how honest are you with yourself??…do you hold back with things in fear of being judged, punished or losing something/someone???…well the obvious answer for the latter question would be of course, we wouldn’t want people to have the wrong impression about us…neither we  want to face consequences for actions deemed ” bold ” or ” out of order “….and neither would we want to lose someone who we’ve deemed close to us..because we care…this in turn answers the first question…we’re not honest with ourselves….(the majority of times)

With that being said…why do we do this…logistics would tell us that our actions affect people so we must be careful….to insure that the affects are not negative…negative is bad..we don’t that now do we…but ask yourself…do you really care??…do you truly care if by saying what’s on your mind is perceived in a negative light???..biting your tongue per se just to stay in the good graces of people…

In some cases we do have some brave souls that just let it out…we brand them with names i.e…disturbed individuals, insensitive,  jerks etc..the list is about as long as the Great Wall of China…but in all their…for lack of a better word right now….looseness…they still restrain themselves in certain areas…some we accept..some we despise…but deep inside we truly admire them because we too would like to express without care and fear…to be the ” rebel “….we vicariously like to live through their actions….we enjoy this….I guess it’s a sense of being on both sides of the fence…befriend someone like them and live vicariously..while at the same time maintain a squeaky clean image..it’s the best of both worlds…who wouldn’t want that?…(most of the time this is all subconscious, it’s why we befriend them..or even fall in love with them)…

But holding back leaves us with a lot of regrets…” if I had only…”….it’s only because we’re not as truly honest with ourselves as we would like to believe…we fear acting on our urges because we’re afraid of what would happen to us….we shouldn’t though….we should be true to ourselves…who is greater than you that you should fear them???…. just look at the Egyptians..they didn’t like what was going on…they acted…didn’t fear consequences..there were some loses but am sure they knew it was going to happen….they went up against their leader and all his power…which they did not see because they didn’t view it as being greater than themselves…in the end they got what they wanted…just an example of  not fearing your action’s consequences…we can go with an even smaller example…take a toddler for instance…it does what it wants to do…no matter how much we say ” stop ” or ” don’t do  that ” they still go ahead and do what they want…you may say they don’t know any better…do they?? or is it just what we’ve been told?….

Someone annoys you…you don’t tell them this because you don’t want to hurt their feelings…but hey it’s the right thing to do…but we’re lying when we do this…so is a lie the right thing to do??…” it’s not lying, it’s compromising “…bet that’s what some of you were thinking…..but you didn’t sit and discuss with this person to let them know that they’re annoying in order to create a understanding and lead to a state of compromise…so you’re lying..not to them though..because you can never lie to someone who doesn’t know the truth..as far as they’re concerned your actions and words are true…it’s only until we discover the truth we then see the lie…so you’re lying to yourself….which isn’t a good thing is it??…not healthy either…am not suggesting that we turn into some heartless monster and become antisocial or anything…far from it…just suggesting the we rethink the things we do and start being more honest….

I hope that had lasted as long as your coffee or tea and you enjoyed it :)…


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