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March 7, 2011

Dominick Mills

Freeport Grandbahama, Bahamas

Dear me at 14,

I know at this time you’re probably still a bit shaken up about the death of grandma, but don’t let it get to you she’s where she wants to be; oh and you’ll still be the only one that doesn’t know her exact cause of death. This is because you never asked or cared to know. Moving along though, there are a few things you will need to know. Within the next year you will move around 3 times, and with each move you’ll experience a few odd events but pay them no mind, they’re not important. However while staying with you’re step mom, the next door neighbour you will have a crush on, she’ll feel the same way but you’ll be too chicken to approach her so nothing will come out of that. Don’t get you’re hopes up. In the the 12th grade people will start to notice you, for what reason I don’t know. This goes against our code of keeping a low profile, but roll with it. Oh yea! something I forgot to mention. You remember that girl in your class you had a crush on since 7th grade? Well she’ll start to show interest in 11th grade but you’ll be turned off by her cause you find out she’s kind of annoying. Sad ain’t it?.. now where was I?..oh yea..12th grade..You will be approached by Syrrea..I beg beg you,  please DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT INDULGE. It’ll just be a waste of time. You will be suspended for the first time… right after the other. Each for the same thing, playing the big brother role defending you’re younger brothers. Mind you now, the second time was admirable, but the first…well someone should have smacked a high note out of you for that dumbness.. -.-“.. I mean come on..trying to attack the guy with the principal right there???…luckily you were cool with him and you didn’t get a severe punishment for it. After coming off of suspension for the second time, you’ll get with your gf Tina. But you’ll mess it up, letting other people get in your ear telling you stuff that may have been true but she genuinely did like you she just didn’t know how to go about it…you were different, that’s why she gravitated to you; but you’re an idiot. In your last days of school you will get into another fight but no worries you won’t get into any sly devil. No one even knew you started the whole thing, aside from the guy you punched and those who actually saw what occurred. It was HUGE!…you will grow a disdain towards the guy though; cause you really didn’t have a grudge against him, it was just that you were trying to asses a situation but it then escalated and after the the fight on the following day he approached you cause you were alone and thought you’d back down. And that brought about the disdain cause you felt disrespected.

Fast forwarding a bit though. After graduation you will move out. You’ll be staying with someone from the church, but only for a few months then you’ll move back home. While there though you’ll learn a few things about how you should be as an adult although you’re only 17. You’ll kind of hate it cause you won’t be able to enjoy the one thing that’s dear to you…music…yes I don’t know how you survived. But some how you inured it. You get your first job at a plumbing store, however you’ll hate it cause you don’t like the pay and you feel as if you’re doing way too much for chump change.  After quitting that job you get another job working as a tower installer. What’s that you ask? You build  communication towers, yes those ridiculously tall things that send  and transfer signals. You’ll forget your fear of heights and get the job done like a pro. You’ll soon quit that job also because your boss is a lazy bum and never had the things you needed to work with, also you were staying home more that you worked, because every time you call in he would say ” there’s no work today “. This agitated you, no work no pay. So you leave. You chill out for a while before getting your third job at a department store working in the warehouse. This is where it all gets interesting. Your supervisor will introduce you to some things he’s privy to. Those things being health, history, and what it is exactly that’s going on in this world. You will lose interest in religion, something that you were deeply rooted in. Your mind will grow and you’re personality and lifestyle will start to change. After work one day he’ll approach you and tell you that, he knew you before he met you. Meaning that you were foretold. I won’t delve into it, but it’ll all be explained when that day comes. But just know that you only got that job to be introduced to the journey that you will have embark, so don’t worry about being fired it had to happen.

Remember that guy that your step brother and cousin used to rap with, well you’re going to to start hanging out with him and you’re going to get serious with your rapping. Something you never thought you’d do. This will bring about new experiences and self’ll love it. Your perception of life will further change. Music will start to consume you and what you used to like you will now have no interest for. The next 3 years will be a period of growth loss, finding,  losing, basically you’ll be transformed for the better, both advertently and inadvertently. I’m not sure I should tell you this but I will anyway. It’s about your elder brother. He’s going to be murdered. I’ll give you a while to let that sink in. I’m still not right in the head when it comes to that, so I know you’ll need a while. Feel free to discontinue reading until you find the strength to continue. If you’re reading this part then it must mean you would like to read on and see what else I have to tell you. Your courage is admirable. As you would imagine the whole family was torn and shattered by this news. He did leave behind something for us though. He had a son, so that kind of cushioned the blow a bit.You will get a few of his belongings. You’re relationship with dad will dwindle away, but you’ll slowly gain one with mom.

In the midst of all this you will meet four females. Each with a common background, but completely different from each other. The first will have a deep impact on you. You’ll always have a ” thing ” for her. The second you’ll think you like her a lot but that’s just sympathy. The third, this will be a close friend who’ll always give you a smile.. unknowingly; you’ll bring it to her attention though. The fourth, this one will come unexpectedly.She will enter your life in a weird way. Then again she is an awkward individual. She will be the second female you fall in love with. However you’ll end up just being friends but with a weird relationship. Just go with it I guess. I didn’t give you the names of these females because of the obvious. I’d rather your relationship with them not be altered. She intertwines into your life for a reason, and that reason you both don’t until it’s shows itself just roll with it. You will also find out your purpose in life and aspire to become a great number of things. There’s going to be someone there to guide you along the way. Take heed in his words.

There’s something I want you to always remember. You’re a great person, you’re very talented, people love your personality. You make them smile and give them a sense of may have your flaws but embrace those flaws and turn them into positive traits. Always love and appreciate yourself, stay true to what it is you love. Learn to amalgamate you various selves so that they become one. Oh and one more thing, you will meet a bunch of online friends that are awesome, they too will help you realize what it is you will need to be doing to accomplish what it is that you were incarnated to do. Remember this too…just be yourself, it’s going to catapult you to a lot of heights.





You 8 years from now


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