Lost and Found

Hello everyone…it’s been a while huh…I’ve got to stop treating you guys like this…I fee like the bad guy our relationship..I neglect you for a while..then I return with some story to appease you, causing you to forget the days of absence and emptiness…you accept me back and then we’re happy for a week or two then..there I go off into the unknown with out a word of goodbye…..well I’d like you to know that this recent disappearance was beyond my control…between my internet being turned off and moving…it’s all been hectic-well not really but in a sense… I can assure you one thing though..I’ve missed you oh so much…..please have some coffee while I relate to you my recent events….these past two months has been shall I say most peculiar…. Lets see where to begin?…ah yes, the day my internet was disconnected….

It didn’t bother me much…I had my music and a few books to tide me over until I was reconnected… little did I know I would run into a much bigger problem….that problem being, my PC would go on to let me down..but due to my own mischievous nature…I just had to tamper with it…thus shorting out my motherboard and leaving me without a PC…I felt a little pang in my heart…but instead of getting upset or brooding, I decided to not let it dampen my spirits…luckily fortune was at my disposal..for I had a mp3 laying around that I rarely used…thank the powers that be for that little favor…because me+no music=death inside… It would seem that they also had a shrewd sense of  humor because my little light of joy was battery operated…and I didn’t have sufficient supply on hand…you can imagine my face upon discovering such ill fortune…however, being the thinking man I divided the battery life of each…a few hours to hold me through the night and another few for my reading….as the days elapsed I would then acquire a spare motherboard from a friend…which seemed like water in a desert…until I tried to get the thing up and running…now those of you that are familiar with the intricacy of this know that sometimes these things give you a hassle when they feel like it and it just so happened that it wanted to toy with me a little….for four days it handed my ass to me..each attempt frustrated the hell out of me…but eventually I figured out the problem and got it up and running….

Moving on..coming home one evening I get news from my mom that we’re going to be moving…which took me some time to warm up to… the idea of leaving a place where I’d been since the 10th grade didn’t stick too well….eventually I conceded and went along with it…and after a month of painting and cleaning I’m back here with you guys..yea I skipped a few things but I’ll inform you about that on a later date…for now just embrace me!! :D…I missed all this…it’s like I’m in my own little world, I have little worries when I’m here and I’m in complete control…I’ve learned a lot though, through reading and observing….each day makes me a stronger person..and what and who I am becomes more clearer..my life’s picture comes closer to completion..each action has intent…

But that’s all for now…*insert witty remark here* (unfortunately I don’t have one for this post but if you’re an avid reader I think your imagination could handle that for me…however if you’re a first time reader or newly acquainted one…it’s no biggie don’t feel left out I’ll surely have one for the next post)….ohh yea one more thing I’ve been working on some music (mixtape) so when that’s done I’ll solicit the tracks on here….well later folks!!

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