I didn’t make the cut :(

So apparently the world is suppose to end today o.o….and only Christians or whatever are gonna survive this day..*sigh* whoa is me…I guess I won’t be making the cut….it’s been nice knowing you guys :(…

There’s so much I didn’t accomplish though…like going for ice cream on Sundays…picking flowers from the meadow…*sniff sniff*…it’s been a short one…all and all it was somewhat sort of a good one..I mean look how many friends I’ve made….most of em I’m not actually friends with, that’s cause I stalk them so we’re secretly friends in my mind…oh yea and the ones that actually live in my mind..there’s about 15 of em…but nonetheless I’ve made a lot of friends..and I’m happy to have been acquainted with them…they made each day an adventure…I know you guys probably think I’m crazy but I’ve checked it, and it turns out that I didn’t make the list….I don’t go to church any more…so I’m not exactly in God’s good graces :(…I should have never stopped…but this is my punishment and I’ll accept it with my head held high gosh darnit!!..although wish I could’ve walked the streets of gold and honey…

I guess it’s time I start thinking about life down here in hell from now on..I wonder if there’ll be ice-cream here still..or some kind of frozen treat..don’t think I’ll like the heat very much…hey maybe Mr. Satan’s really a nice guy…no one’s ever really met him before…who knows he may not be as evil as he’s portrayed….come to think of it, we’ve never really heard his side of the story..it’s always been a one sided thing..and(people are so gonna hate me for this) quite frankly it’s completely unfair…even if he is a evil being bent on ruling the world and torturing souls..he should at least be heard..they give criminals that privilege so we should give him that also…it’s only right….and if I’m wrong oh well, I’m already not making it to heaven so I don’t think any backlash can be worse than that….I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want this, but it’s the fate bestowed upon me for my infidelity…and as a man I take responsibility for my actions….my decisions may have not been the best but I stand by each…so I will go forth and I dunno..make the best of it I guess…

I guess I’ll spend most of the day recollecting memories from the portals in my mind…then get in the mind state of it not going to be the world I once knew…I guess I’ll try to make demon friends now since most of the humans are gonna be living it up in heaven…*tear* .

lol aright I can’t go on any longer..I’m beginning to believe myself …but yea all this crazy talk about the world ending…I couldn’t resist poking fun at it…well I guess I’m gonna go have breakfast or something….you know, live a little….I hope no one is taking all this end of the world bullshit seriously…just live life and keep in mind that the end of the world for you is death…so enjoy it while you’re alive..don’t worry about foretold events….that’s only dictated through how you’re living in the present…and if it were all true…I guess since you’re reading this you didn’t make the cut either..*sinister laugh*…stay up folks and remember one day at a time 🙂

One thought on “I didn’t make the cut :(

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