I’m a rolling stone babe..love me

Hey guys ho–wait what’s with all the angry faces..you know how this works..I blog then disappear for a while and return…it’s how we get a long..it’s the bond that makes this relationship work…I thought you understood me :(..I guess not *le sigh*

Okay I know I’ve M.I.A for a while but I have a legitimate excuse…I’ve been busy with–oh hey would you look at the time….ahh just kidding..but yes I’ve been busy with this mess I call a life…mostly my music..it’s been taking a turn for the better and warranting a lot of my time lately….

Let’s recap a bit shall we…

I recently had a performance 3 weeks ago..it went well..for the most part..a lot of stuff was happening, the whole thing was starting to fall apart just before..as with all things in entertainment..so I’ve been told..people were backing out of the show and some circumstances beyond our control..but contrary to it all we managed to pull it together and get the ball rolling :)….I do wish I had images to show you guys how awesome I was…next time I guess

I’ve been on the job hunt also(being a broke recording artist isn’t cool) ..in my world that means not really…just checking out a few things and if I didn’t like em I’d blow em off..but I think I may have something..let’s keep our fingers crossed :)…

What else is there..hmm..let’s see……………………………………….oh yes there is that..but I don’t think I’m at liberty to share with you guys….maybe some other time if I remember..or decide that I just don’t care about the consequences of letting my tongue or in this case fingers do a bit of forbidden rambling…..you’d like that wouldn’t you *smug look*..we’ll see..if my testicles decide to finally drop and I be a man about it 0.o…lol

I think these gaps in between posts are good for us though…don’t ask my why I think so I just do…(me being lazy mostly)…but I’ve been thinking lately….for those of you who actually read my blog avidly…I wanted to start posting on this blog my days when I’m at the studio making music…i.e. photos, videos and rants…do you guys think this is a good idea or should I create another blog to cater to that specifically…cause I really want to share that part of my life with you guys….sooo leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂 I would appreciate your opinion..after all it’s all for you 🙂



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