As The World Turns

September 2025 lunar eclipse

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Hey guys, yea I know it’s been a while..I see I’ve lost a few followers but life goes on I guess…I’d like to apologize for the hiatus..due to circumstances beyond my control (life and it’s many surprises-_-“) I wasn’t able to post anything..I’m wondering if now if I’ll be able to post as much as I used to…I’ll kind of explain what I’m talking about in a moment…I wanna get the pleasantries out of the way first….soooo…how the heck are ya ! you guys look dashing..with the exception of few :/..I kid I kid hehe….

How long has it been?.. let’s see here..*searches mental rolodex * .. oh’s been longer than I thought….once again I apologize to you guys…(that’s to the two in the corner over there who actually cares)..<—me being modest…I know you all missed me:D!…<—things I tell myself to sleep good at night…but seriously I know I was missed and I missed you guys also.. šŸ˜¦

I won’t get into the full details of why I was missing so long..but here’s a concise rundown of things…

A few months back I told you guys that I moved.. well..that whole thing went sour :|…turns out the person who was renting the house to us wanted to make a few bucks before the bank repossessed it..twisted in the head right??!…that’s not the half of it…they then turn around and said we moved into the house illegally o_o… it turned into a legal matter..the person ended up losing the house and we had to move out..yup folks..the world ain’t fair…a sad reality….I ended up moving in with a friend for a while til’ everything got straightened out….all this happened within the month of July and August (the legal matter)…and in September I moved in with a get this you guys…the reason I was staying with said friend besides the fact that I had no where else to go but also so that it would be easier for my mom to find a place for her and my little brothers to stay….while in the main time I’d try to find a job…(which I’ve been doing since before all this happened…my luck hasn’t been too well to say the least) it’s now the middle of October…guess what folks…my mom found a place last month…which I found out last week…I was taken aback when I found out about it…no one tried to contact me…no phone carrier pigeon with a letter, Ā nothing… I know you’re probably saying “well weren’t you trying to contact them?” yes I was..and when I did reach my mom on those occasionsĀ  I guess it wasn’t that important to inform me that she found a place….of course now, I was hurt, but hey, maybe I’m looking at it wrong…maybe me asking “so mom did you find a place yet?” wasn’t an incentive to let me know that she did..I don’t know…I sometimes wonder why I haven’t lost it yet…oh well c’est la vie :I…my plan is to now search even harder to find a job and move out on my own…this doesn’t mean that I love my mom any less…she is a female after all..and they do crazy things can’t dislike em for it..and stuff happens..just gotta roll with the punches and keep going..


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