Women in my life

Hallo world :)….today I’m going to share with you a little about the females in my life…I know what you’re thinking…I too wish I was a suave-talking-chick-magnet also…man I envy those guys…but back to the matter at hand…and no this is not a complaint about how much women get on my nerves or how I wish I could bag a lot of em…I think I just lost the attention of  every person that may have wanted to continue reading this post…-.-” but as the French say “C’est la vi” I think:/..if I’m wrong just correct it in your heads…

As men we have a lot on our plates..things like…”when am I gonna get laid?”, “does this shirt smell?’, “oh shit I think she sees my boner!”, and it takes a lot to process these things…especially since we can only perform one task at a time….this is why we make so many blunders..we try to multi task and our brain shuts down causing our blood to flow to our back up which isn’t any better than the one that just shut down (pat yourself on the back if you got that one)

*also I took the liberty of adding some ambiance music while you read so just press play on the little video  here..if it stops before you finish reading just press the replay button  *

*voice in your head* ” what is he yapping about?? o_0??”

I  promise this will all make sense in a few years….. or not:/

In my 20+ years on this spit-ball we call earth, I’ve come across a lot of interesting women…old and young and I would say all ethnicities but I’ve yet to meet an Indian,Russian, German, French, or Dutch chick….I’m working on it though…Okay I think I’ve digressed enough…but yea you get the picture…as I was saying..they’re all interesting….unique in their own way..some more intelligent than others..and some I ask myself “why?”….but interesting nonetheless…with that being said..I’ve learned a lot from them..I’ve had a crush on 98% of them and 99.9%  of them I want to have sex with…(don’t look at me like that…I’m just being honest.. I wouldn’t be a guy if I didn’t) I can’t help that I come across beautiful women all  the  time…what can I say I have great luck with running into them..<—-me being cocky 

I dunno though..I can’t ever seem to get the one I wanted…and  the ones that do want me loses interest…I’m cursed..or just that lame….either, or…it still sucks to be me…wait what am I saying I freaking awesome..psshh me and my self loathing comments…

I have this female that I’m friends with..she’s super cool…and she has a boyfriend but I find myself wanting to fuck  her brains out…it’s weird..I know what you’re saying ” typical guy”….here’s what I have to say to your little thought…FUCK YOU! don’t judge me!…wait this isn’t the first time this has happened to me..how did I let this cycle repeat itself? God, if you’re reading this you’re not funny knock it off buddy…seriously your sense of humor is sick..why would you give me female friends I care enough about to not wanna mess their relationship up cause I’m horny…? sick bastard -.-“….

I  also I have female friends that have boyfriends only because we can’t be together due to long distance<—what I tell myself but I think every guy thinks this…at least the ones that have egos like me…but deep inside this egomaniacal guy I have insecurities about myself…

An example of this is…one of my beautiful female friends I started to grow feelings for..I originally had intentions of only being friends with her..and at the time she had a boyfriend which made it ideal..at least that was the excuse I used to enforce my intent…as I got to know her personally I found myself falling for her..I would shrug it off and put it on the back-burner telling myself “she’s just a friend” but you can only ignore something for so long…recently she broke up with her boyfriend….I shall say no more…I’ve told just about all the females I had feelings for that I did…nothing ever came out of it but I still put it out there cause I didn’t want it to fester…but this time it’s different…I guess it’s cause she’s a bit different from the others…I’m actually afraid to tell her because I’m uncertain about how things would be after it and how things would be if we ended up being in a relationship…how do you tell someone ” I like you but I’m not sure if I would like to pursue you” ?? I know it can be said different but a rose by any other name is still a rose….sugar coating it won’t help…but I think it’s just my insecurity of never being good enough for a female…I am an awesome person…one like no other but my luck in the female department hasn’t been too well…it’s a hill I’m climbing over though

I’m a victim of being exposed to too many beautiful women at once..*sigh*

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