Wassup my estranged lovers ! yea yea I know..pipe down and love me like I love you ❤

I got something I wanna share with you today…it’s been real interesting to me..hear me out, let me know what you would do in the situation…or how you would feel…either is fine..

Weird stuff has been happening to me..but not weird, like awkward..but out of the norm in my day to day..there’s a bunch but I think I’ll share three or four occasions…first is a text I got yesterday from my it he said: ” you are a special son, I know I have three(3) sons now but only one you and I love you” I didn’t quite know how to respond to the text…reason for that is, I don’t have a good relationship with my father…it’s not a bad one either it’s just that we don’t talk much… we haven’t been in the same room in about two(2) years..and that was at my brother’s funeral…anyhow, I didn’t text him back..I plan on doing so though for those of you thinking that I should..I just don’t know when that’s going to be at the moment…

Second one is, my grandma came over to visit this week..I wasn’t home when she arrived…and I’ve yet to be…I stopped by on Monday to let her see my face..spoke for a while..she was elated to see me..I love my grandma..stayed with her as a kid coming up..she’s loving and kindhearted, yet stern at the same time..did something stupid and well, I don’t need to state what the consequences were…back to the point, I’ve digressed enough..she had told me her and my mom were talking and-in a nutshell-she told her, I’m going to be just fine just you wait…my mom’s a worry head…but this was the second time she’s reassured her that I’m going to be well off just “let me be” in a sense..

People around me i.e. friends, acquaintances etc their behavior towards me has shifted…though not in a negative way but know being around people you’re used to them interacting with you a certain way but lately it’s been different…I like it but it’s all just caught me off guard…

I know you’re wondering..”where are you going with this dude ?”..I’ll tie it all together in a second just keep your pants on..if you’re a female..feel free to lose the pants and any other article of clothing

Now being the analytical guy I am I came to a conclusion…it’s not them that “shifted” per se but rather I…in demeanor and came to me whilst looking at some photos a friend took on each frame I studied myself..and it was as if I was looking at someone of greatness..I know I tend to toot my own horn at times but bare with me..I’m being posture was erect as of a king walking his kingdom….and it hit me..I’ve finally accepted a whole, as someone who is of greatness and lofty in ideals…as you’ve noticed it’s the picture in this post

Soooo yeaaaa…that’s what I wanted to share with you guys..hopefully you still love and you were entertained..I’m thinking of doing some vlogs…since at times I feel way too lazy to sit here and type..but yea man..that was on my mind and I shared it with you…don’t you feel the loovvee ??…:P

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