For you I will

I know you’re probably thinking “why?” and my answer to that is..I was inclined to..

There’s been an absence by you for a few days at first I was very confused about it all…it took a while but then again I can be a bit dense when it comes to these things…I know there’s something wrong, and I know you don’t like speaking on such issues and that’s perfectly fine…I don’t wanna be shut out when these incidents happen simply because I care and I’d like to be there for it….even if you don’t open up about it I just want you to know that I’m here..

Like I told you before I am willing to deal with all of you….no wait..I want to deal with all of you…because I see you…not only do I see you I feel you….I only ask is that you bare with me and my issues as well…I refuse to just walk away from it all…not now…to me you are a ball of clay per say or a blank canvas teeming with great possibilities…I don’t ask that you change, do that and you wouldn’t be the person I’ve grown attached to….

forgive my tardiness though….and if I don’t get a response then it’s cool this was all just to reassure you if there was any doubts 



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