If it were the end are you happy ?

If this were indeed the last day on earth, I’m gad I got to spend my days with the people I’ve encountered through out this journey. My heart goes out to all those aren’t with me….it saddens me that they’re not in my life any more but I guess that just how the cookie crumbles. I’m thankful for events that have happened, both positive and negative. Sure I would’ve like to spend these last hours doing something a lot more meaningful, but I guess what’s going to transpire in the next few hours is going to suffice. If there’s someone you care about reach out to them and et them know how you feel about them even if they wont respond at least they’ll receive your words; whether by voice mail, text, email, letter or just showing up… the ungrateful bastards deserve to know. Sorry that was personal, although some of you may be able to relate. All in all just take the time out to reflect on what you have be thankful for them and they’ll multiply, worry not about what you don’t have that’ll come in time. Until next time ciao  ! (side note: I’m going to be a bit more active now if not every week it’ll be somewhat consistent 🙂 )  

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