Your mind is your home

People…..ahh pretty influential buggers aren’t they?


It’s pretty amazing how the thoughts or opinions of others affect the way you feel and view things. For instance someone gives a comment like “you look nice today.” or “the food there is phenomenal.” and just those little words have an affect on how you feel about yourself today or if you wanna try out  some new restaurant because it may be worth your wild according to Jim over there. Or how about this?…”you’re fat”, “eww is that your face?” . Instant mood changer huh. now I know some of you may say “I don’t care about what other people’s opinions, thoughts or action towards me or anything else for that matter” Well let’s say you don’t, let’s put someone you admire, an idol of yours perhaps or a significant other/crush into the picture. I think I’ll go with a loved one for this example….This man or woman who you completely adore says “I don’t like the way you dress, your clothes look atrocious” (this may not exactly happen but I’m just painting a picture here). Now these words fester and begin to haunt you. You get all these negative thoughts swishing around in your head, it eats at you now. You’re a little hurt by this statement so now you react, (here it comes) there’s only a few ways this is gonna go. You throw out all your clothes and you buy some new attire or you try to find some fault with them. You can only respond positively or negatively to what was said, either way what they said made you react..because it got to you, it got in your head and started messing with the way you think and feel…before then you were quite happy with your wardrobe, no one ever mentioned anything about it to you but here comes someone you care about and, bam! just like that there’s been a rip in the space time continuum of your reality. Everything’s flying all over the place, solid matter has turned into gas Ronald McDonald is eating a baconater from Wendy’s and Microsoft does away with Xbox One. I promise I’ll start making sense in a minute just hang tight.

You see how easy it is for us to give into words?…these fucking powerless letters coming together and gnawing away at your self confidence and flinging you into insecurity! Just by the utterance of some person who’s thinking should mean absolutely nothing to you. I’m not here to talk about all though. What I want to address is something I’ve observed and still am. When you start to dwell within yourself, meaning when you exist solely in your thoughts you become your own creation and people see this. It’s not something hard that you can’t accomplish, you’ve just got to break down that wall that stops you from seeing yourself. And that our biggest problem, we only see ourselves through other people. I won’t say that all of us do this, there are a few who has turned this wall to ruins and saw who they really are.When this happens though, in the back of your mind you get this meme Image….. it’s a beautiful feeling trust me on that…

I said earlier people notice when you start to exist in your mind…they tend to compliment you more…your demeanor screams it.

Okay I’ll explain in depth what I’m talking about. When you start to love yourself more than you love the person next to you things tend to change for the best. I didn’t say become selfish…no one likes a selfish bastard you get stoned to death with rotted salmon for shit like that. Totally made no sense just now :/…but yea..when you start to love act differently, it’s almost as if you’re in a relationship with yourself. You tend to make better decisions cause now you think before you act…. You develop a sense of proportion,seeing the dangers ahead you make better decisions preventing hurt, brooding, regret and animosity.You become fine wine rather than Welch’s. You now have worth because you’ve given yourself that stamp of being priceless. Who in their right mind would want to push their thoughts or opinion or the queen???

Existing in your mind gives you power because of this feeling you now have Image you find what it is your looking for because you’ve given it to yourself and that is love. Because if you love yourself what can i say to you that’s going to make you feel less of a person? My opinion is borderline a speckle of dirt to you at this point. People call Kanye a jerk/douche bag for the way he acts but he does that because his expectations for himself is nothing less than greatness…I once heard him say his biggest disappointment in life is that he can’t watch himself perform live. If that’s not someone who’s in love with himself then I don’t what is. I’m guilty of letting words and people affect me also but I came to the realisation that…man FUCK people and their thoughts period that’s all I’m saying. It should other you that you would allow someone to do or say something that would affect the way YOU feel! Shit aint right all. A god isn’t bothered by what others think about him because he knows what he’s capable of he needs no validation of the sort. Validate yourself and watch the confidence grow. Take it a day at a time, start by reassessing yourself. Think of the things you like doing, think of the accomplishments you’ve made. Think about that fact that you’re alive. Life in itself is greatness so that means you’re frackin’ great. You don’t like what you see in the mirror then make a change start exercising change your eating habits within a few months you’ll fall in love with the mirror I guarantee. If you don’t then I’m sorry we don’t do refunds all sales are final.(dammit I’m corny today what is up with me?)

My favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. If you haven’t read it before I recommend you do it, it’s a freaking read book I’ve read it like 10 times and each time I get something new from it. In it there’s this Shepard who has a dream that ends up sending him on this long adventure for a search of treasure. What fascinates me about it is that (I don’t wanna spoil it for those who haven’t read it so I’ll make this as vague as I can)he doesn’t attain his treasure until he starts to look within himself and see all this greatness he’s capable of. So basically until he started to see himself as such and form a relationship with himself and realise one important detail which I wont state for obvious reasons he would have never reached his treasure

I guess what I’m saying is that you have to be your biggest influence you can be open to suggestions from others but in the end it is you that call the shot as far as what you think and feel… Life is easy we shouldn’t complicate it with trying to live by standards of others; be a product of self, people tend to respect that.

I dunno if I made sense to you guys today but just had to get that off of my chest. Until I rise from the dark depths again..later peeps ^.^

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