Just checking in I guess

Bleh, this all flowed way better at 12:00 today. Let’s see if my mind stays still long enough for me to collect my thoughts, it’s like chasing a f@%king rabbit up here.

Where do I start?… Ah, caught one!

I can not see how I’ve managed to stay copacetic all these years. Well to an extent. For the most part, I’d say that I’m pretty normal. Most persons, when meeting me for the first time think that I’m very reserved. I’d like to think I’m socially lazy, if that’s even a thing. In the past I used this (blogging) as a place to dump my thoughts; a kind of therapy if you will. It’s one thing to sit with your thoughts, and another to actually pour them out, read them to yourself and then share them with strangers. You guys have a privilege most people around me don’t, not sure if to say you’re lucky…meh oh well, doesn’t matter. Back to the subject; wait, I don’t think there is one :/. I guess we’ll chuck this in the pile along with my other “wandering thoughts” post.

I must say I enjoy writing on here. I simply play some mood music; some Jazz, Classical or mellow Hip-Hop, basically anything to get the juices flowing. Oh, and a paragraph or two of vapid ranting before I get to the nitty-gritty stuff.

A lot has been on my mind. Too much actually, so much to the point my dreams aren’t even making any sense and I’m sleeping in one hour intervals. I’m in the process of getting my sh%t together. I’d like to say that everything’s moving along swimmingly but I don’t think a set of flaming pants looks good on me. It all comes with the territory I suppose. I’m getting to know myself again. It’s rather interesting discovering things I thought I knew or understood in a new light. I’m analytic, which causes me to over think small situations. I can be obsessive, I hate starting things and stopping to never continue again. I feel it’s wasted time. One of my top 3 pet peeves. I’m learning to deal with it though, it’s like swallowing rusty nails at the moment but I’m learning to let go. Just a few things I’ve come to know on this small walk of mine.

My tolerance for people has grown. I’d usually go cold turkey on a person when they annoy me but now I’ve opened up to keeping em around a while longer before I do something that rash.

Also my views on a lot of things has changed, mainly on what and how a relationship should be. That’s both friendships and spousal. And on that note I met someone recently. Settle down, settle down. It hasn’t really bloomed into anything as yet, as it stands we’re just two people that like each other. I’ve just gotta get the ball rolling with things I’m currently pursuing so she doesn’t slip away. I like her a lot though. Alright, alright that’s enough mushy talk.

I’m very eager to see how everything that’s happened to me so far has affected my music. I’ve yet to pour out my creativity on that end. I feel that entire process is going to be interesting. I’ve spent the majority of this year away from my music. Something I’ve been lamenting. I’m going to put my focus on that in the months ahead.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Au revoir, et a’ demain

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