A quick thought

I had a thought. It was about the taste of fame, I wondered how I would react to my first taste of it. As the cycle goes, people get a taste and go insane, they become monsters. They are infected with entitlement, the world now owes them everything and should conform to their wishes and demands. Self-centered bastards, the lot of em. So do I think I will become one of them? I don’t know.

I’ve seen fangs appear in instances where I had a small taste of power, nothing big though; and the fact that I caught it means I’ll at least be aware of when it starts to show. The bigger question is though, is this something innate? Do we as humans have this in our DNA? Maybe, maybe not. I’m gonna go with maybe. People are selfish. We care about nothing or no one else but ourselves. We do have a few saints, but let’s face it they don’t outweigh the majority. However, no one is perfect, we’re flawed creatures and that’s what make us, us. There are systems and processes that we have come up with to try to correct this flaw in us, i.e. religion, or some ancient teaching from persons left behind. Despite all this though we still fall short.

I hope when that day comes, I have people around to help me stay grounded. I even wrote about it in a song, I think my biggest fear is losing myself. Whether it be to fame, love,  or anything that may possibly consume me. I’d hate to be conquered by such things and not have myself at the end of it all. If I’m enveloped by them, I would at least like to have myself. I don’t know if that made sense to you, but to lose yourself should be considered the greatest loss a person can experience.

For as long as I can remember, through whatever hard times I’ve encountered, there was always only me there to get myself through it. I’ve never really had someone I could turn to for help so to lose myself would…excuse my French… fuck me up. So I guess the answer to my own question is, NO. I value myself too much to let it happen.

That is all for now. 

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