Your mind is your home

People…..ahh pretty influential buggers aren’t they?


It’s pretty amazing how the thoughts or opinions of others affect the way you feel and view things. For instance someone gives a comment like “you look nice today.” or “the food there is phenomenal.” and just those little words have an affect on how you feel about yourself today or if you wanna try out  some new restaurant because it may be worth your wild according to Jim over there. Or how about this?…”you’re fat”, “eww is that your face?” . Instant mood changer huh. now I know some of you may say “I don’t care about what other people’s opinions, thoughts or action towards me or anything else for that matter” Well let’s say you don’t, let’s put someone you admire, an idol of yours perhaps or a significant other/crush into the picture. I think I’ll go with a loved one for this example….This man or woman who you completely adore says “I don’t like the way you dress, your clothes look atrocious” (this may not exactly happen but I’m just painting a picture here). Now these words fester and begin to haunt you. You get all these negative thoughts swishing around in your head, it eats at you now. You’re a little hurt by this statement so now you react, (here it comes) there’s only a few ways this is gonna go. You throw out all your clothes and you buy some new attire or you try to find some fault with them. You can only respond positively or negatively to what was said, either way what they said made you react..because it got to you, it got in your head and started messing with the way you think and feel…before then you were quite happy with your wardrobe, no one ever mentioned anything about it to you but here comes someone you care about and, bam! just like that there’s been a rip in the space time continuum of your reality. Everything’s flying all over the place, solid matter has turned into gas Ronald McDonald is eating a baconater from Wendy’s and Microsoft does away with Xbox One. I promise I’ll start making sense in a minute just hang tight.

You see how easy it is for us to give into words?…these fucking powerless letters coming together and gnawing away at your self confidence and flinging you into insecurity! Just by the utterance of some person who’s thinking should mean absolutely nothing to you. I’m not here to talk about all though. What I want to address is something I’ve observed and still am. When you start to dwell within yourself, meaning when you exist solely in your thoughts you become your own creation and people see this. It’s not something hard that you can’t accomplish, you’ve just got to break down that wall that stops you from seeing yourself. And that our biggest problem, we only see ourselves through other people. I won’t say that all of us do this, there are a few who has turned this wall to ruins and saw who they really are.When this happens though, in the back of your mind you get this meme Image….. it’s a beautiful feeling trust me on that…

I said earlier people notice when you start to exist in your mind…they tend to compliment you more…your demeanor screams it.

Okay I’ll explain in depth what I’m talking about. When you start to love yourself more than you love the person next to you things tend to change for the best. I didn’t say become selfish…no one likes a selfish bastard you get stoned to death with rotted salmon for shit like that. Totally made no sense just now :/…but yea..when you start to love act differently, it’s almost as if you’re in a relationship with yourself. You tend to make better decisions cause now you think before you act…. You develop a sense of proportion,seeing the dangers ahead you make better decisions preventing hurt, brooding, regret and animosity.You become fine wine rather than Welch’s. You now have worth because you’ve given yourself that stamp of being priceless. Who in their right mind would want to push their thoughts or opinion or the queen???

Existing in your mind gives you power because of this feeling you now have Image you find what it is your looking for because you’ve given it to yourself and that is love. Because if you love yourself what can i say to you that’s going to make you feel less of a person? My opinion is borderline a speckle of dirt to you at this point. People call Kanye a jerk/douche bag for the way he acts but he does that because his expectations for himself is nothing less than greatness…I once heard him say his biggest disappointment in life is that he can’t watch himself perform live. If that’s not someone who’s in love with himself then I don’t what is. I’m guilty of letting words and people affect me also but I came to the realisation that…man FUCK people and their thoughts period that’s all I’m saying. It should other you that you would allow someone to do or say something that would affect the way YOU feel! Shit aint right all. A god isn’t bothered by what others think about him because he knows what he’s capable of he needs no validation of the sort. Validate yourself and watch the confidence grow. Take it a day at a time, start by reassessing yourself. Think of the things you like doing, think of the accomplishments you’ve made. Think about that fact that you’re alive. Life in itself is greatness so that means you’re frackin’ great. You don’t like what you see in the mirror then make a change start exercising change your eating habits within a few months you’ll fall in love with the mirror I guarantee. If you don’t then I’m sorry we don’t do refunds all sales are final.(dammit I’m corny today what is up with me?)

My favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. If you haven’t read it before I recommend you do it, it’s a freaking read book I’ve read it like 10 times and each time I get something new from it. In it there’s this Shepard who has a dream that ends up sending him on this long adventure for a search of treasure. What fascinates me about it is that (I don’t wanna spoil it for those who haven’t read it so I’ll make this as vague as I can)he doesn’t attain his treasure until he starts to look within himself and see all this greatness he’s capable of. So basically until he started to see himself as such and form a relationship with himself and realise one important detail which I wont state for obvious reasons he would have never reached his treasure

I guess what I’m saying is that you have to be your biggest influence you can be open to suggestions from others but in the end it is you that call the shot as far as what you think and feel… Life is easy we shouldn’t complicate it with trying to live by standards of others; be a product of self, people tend to respect that.

I dunno if I made sense to you guys today but just had to get that off of my chest. Until I rise from the dark depths again..later peeps ^.^


Rio and Dom’s Guide to Lovin’ the Ladies

It’s a sunny day at the park, the leaves on the trees are a luscious green, summer’s breeze brushes the skin with it’s soothing temperature..birds chirp a choral in the sweetest harmony, nature’s aura saturates the air boosting the hormone levels of us humans..there are people jogging and walking, the eyes of males are fixated on each curve and definition of passing females. Even squirrels are getting in on the action. Here we meet a young male, Calvin, in his early twenties. Our young friend is tall, medium built, flabby arms and a plywood chest. Among his various interests include some things on the nerdy side of life, his favorite sports teams, and numerous music groups that he follows ardently. Yes, our friend is an interesting guy but yet, how is he still single? Is he hideous to behold? Far from it! Calvin is ready to chat and mingle with the young attractive ladies of the world. He then mentions to us (Dom & Rio) that is the actual chatting portion of meeting the opposite sex that he so struggles with. That is why, for his benefit and for dozens of other male internet readers with similar questions, we have assembled a quick reference guide to help you all on your way.

Chapter 1: Introducing Yourself 

#1: You have balls, use them.

The general premise of these tips would be that you, the reader, want to approach a young lady of your choosing and be able to a) converse with her, b) ask her out, and c) hopefully work your way around the baseball field. So the first step is to take your hand, right or left will do, and stick it underneath your underwear. Then feel around down there. You should find what is termed in medical texts as testicles or in colloquial language – balls. Got them? Good. Now utilize the power that emits from them. The power is literally in your hands. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, but let’s assume that you are nowhere near that level of cockiness that is known as a douche. The term “grow some balls” is to realize that you need to have confidence in every situation of your life, this upcoming conversation being no exception. Stand up, smile, and walk over to begin chatting up the hot girl that caught your eye.

I couldn’t have said it any better Rio..well maybe just a little better…but that’s not important…what’s important is as stated before, learn to utilize  your gonads…they’re not just pretty decoration my friend…no female  likes a guy who has no back bone….it’s an automatic turn off…this will only get you another date with that porn dvd that you rented…..forget about making a fool of yourself..that happens when you think about not making a fool of yourself…one must be assertive when approaching a female…just observe nature…if a male animal wants to mate he has to be aggressive or else..I’m not saying you revert to your caveman instincts and club her over the head…that part comes in the advance  section of this lecture…

#2: “Hi…uhh…uhh”

So you walked up to said girl. Somehow, the words didn’t start flowing right from your mouth to charm the lady. Isn’t that weird? It isn’t like she is a different animal species or anything, she’s a regular human being who probably (correct me if I am wrong here) likes being with friends, music, and certain types of entertainment such as TV, movies, plays, operas, etc etc etc. So you have zero excuses for not being able to find something to talk about. You have interests too don’t you? Maybe, just maybe, she is also a fan of such things. And if she’s not, she might be willing to hear more about it. Now I know that you are worried about boring her out of her mind. Your collection of mint-condition The Amazing Spiderman comics might not tickle her fancy but guess what? It is going to be JUST FINE BRO. You just move on to another topic or better yet, talk about something she likes.

Rio‘s right once again…the guy’s a regular Mac Daddy….if you eat your veggies and fall on your face a few times you too can be as good as him…to the inexperienced it may seem like rocket science but it’s actually a walk in the park…no really it is…I’ve had my fair share of boring a female to death, having her excuse herself and never returning…it’s a very despondent feeling…but that’s fine….experience is the best teacher….you learn to adapt to such situations….you become more smooth on your tongue…your use of words become prolific…you start to gain laughs..then when you’ve gotten really good at it, she gives you the little cute “giggle of interest”…. the key to all this my friends is BEING YOURSELF…they like that…it makes them feel comfortable and your company for the moment is enjoyable…never be afraid to say the first thing that comes to mind..just as long as it’s not something creepy like ” Can I smell your hair?” or “Wanna see my tooth collection?” …I shouldn’t have to elaborate on the outcome of that…start things off with a simple “hello, you look lovely today”..ladies love compliments…sincere ones though…anything that sounds like a pick up line won’t work..

IMPORTANT: if you’re a beginner do not approach a female that looks angry, busy or down and’s not a good look for you.

#3: What did she say again?

Over and over you hear it in practically every rom-com you watch, but god-damn it buddy, listen to what she is saying. As she is going on about her family, her job, or her day, there might be a good chance that this information is key to understanding what is going on in her head. Females are difficult to understand to begin with, so you are going to need every piece of help you can get. Do not get stuck in what I call the “uh-huh” mindset. She keeps chatting away, while you nod your head and go “uh-huh”, “that’s great”, and “I’m losing my boner here” in an effort to move things along. There is also this thing, you might have heard of it, called body language. If she is gradually putting some distance between you two, that might be a sign that things aren’t going that well or she is getting ready to make a dash to the nearest public restroom. The two might or might be related to one another. But if she is smiling, laughing, and acting overall like a normal friendly human being, chances are you are achieving your goal of not being a creeper.

Yes, I too am guilty of the “uh-huh” mindset…sometimes it can get longueur and mundane quick..this only happens when your mind is if focused on one thing though…or should I say two things…avert your attention from the boobs…yes they look like God took his time to diligently sculpt them..but that’s something to be admired after you’ve actually gotten somewhere…like past the first few dates…it’s not difficult to pay attention and listen to what she’s just got to take control of the the same time making it all about her….women are narcissists whether they like to admit it or not..some more narcissistic than others…say as very little about yourself unless she inquires…now realistically it’s not possible to remember everything she says…but try to remember as much as you can…like what she like to eat,favorite song, something she likes doing etc…when you do remember these things you gain major brownie shows you’re really interested and you don’t wanna just “toot it and boot it”

#4: Don’t Stop Believin’

After your friendly and hopefully flirtatious chat is over, it might be a good decision to ask said lady for her phone number to arrange a future meeting. Acceptable inquiries range from person to person but I find a simple “Hey I had a great time talking to you, and I would definitely like to spend more time getting to know you” should suffice. If she is interested as well, then numbers should flow easily and a date proposed for future confirmation. Congrats you have yourself a potential future date. The journey has just begun, young grasshopper, but you are off on the right foot.

But say she doesn’t want to give you her number. She hmm’s and huh’s and fidgets around while trying to make very awkward sidetalk. No problem good sir. Understand the situation immediately and end the conversation politely and say good-bye. There is no need for groveling or begging here. Just open your eyes, realize there are more girls out there, and start from step #1.

I don’t think there’s anything I can add here…I’d just be repeating what he said…sooo yea… what he said… and you’ll be fine…rejection is normal..take it and brush it off and move on to the next one..women outnumber us greatly…there’s gonna be one who you’ll reel in…the more you fail the more experience you get, the better you get at this… repeat steps 1-4 and you’ll be fine… this is the part where you swallow that knot in your throat, go out and say hi

my first collaborative post :)…hope it was enjoyable for you guys

Time Warp & Friends

Hello there…have we met??…we have??o.O…ohh yeaaaa it’s you’s been so long, I barely recognize you…how’s everything been??..good, good…well it’s funny you should mention that cause I was in thought earlier..and I was thinking the same thing…allow me to convey my thoughts to you

I was browsing the internet like I always do and I came across something  sent me into a moment of cogitation..I started to mill over what it would be like for me in the future…I pictured success(like everyone else out there)…but I had something missing..a family…i.e. kids, grandkids…etc…it didn’t bother me much though because I don’t plan on having any…it’s not that I hate kids or anything like that..I love em…I just don’t want any of my own is all…it’s funny..whenever I zoom into the future I’m always alone…I guess cause it’s what am used to…I’ve accepted the idea of being in solitude…

I do have good friends though..but not too many…it’s how I think it should be….there should be friends, acquaintances, and associates… will always have tons of associates and acquaintances but you’ll only have very few friends…and the answer for that is easy….there’s only a small few who’s gonna see the you for who you are and they will accept and love all of the things about you that you don’t…the others(acquaintances and associates) don’t really care..some just take interest of you for the moment…and when that intrigue disappears they do also…

Be careful who you open up to, only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious

I guess I kinda digressed a bit….I had a dream last night in it was a little girl who appeared before in one of my others a long time ago…I had a conversation with her….can’t remember exactly what we were saying but it was along the lines of catching up with each other…she’s the cutest little thing…while and after talking with her I was calm and quite happy…I felt good inside…not sure what aspect of myself she represents but I’ll figure it out…

I completely forgot what else it was I wanted to talk about…lol sorry guys..but hope you enjoyed it :P..


…..Okay I’ll Admit

Somewhere along the lines of me gaining this greater knowledge in life, trying to figure out life’s purpose and wanting to accomplish great things…I tend to forget myself….who doesn’t right?…but this is about me at the moment…so let’s not get selfish people…sooo..moving along..

There’s a lot I’ve come to know in my life….and there’s a lot that I do not know….I’m always searching for answers to many of life’s conundrums…I do however attain these things…but there’s this one thing….something I’ve always wanted but never seem to have been able to….experience per say… times I get gloomy about it..sometimes I turn my back on it, under the impression that it just isn’t meant for me to have..I blame myself for it though….there’s no one else at fault but me..

However though…recently I think I may have stumbled upon it..but my hesitation may cause it to leap out of my grasp…it’s something new to me so am not quite sure how to act towards it…all my life this one thing that has been sort of an urban legend to me(no joke it really has) I may have finally found it….what’s so messed up about it is…that the opportunity for me to have it is slowly slipping away…at least that’s how I feel..I really do hope I’m wrong about it…

I know you guys are just burning to know what it is…some of you may have an idea already..I mean it’s a dead give away…but for the slow folks…it’s a chance to love…and before I move on…let me tell you..that shit is extremely hard for me to admit….I think it’s cause I’ve been cut off from that kind emotion for so long it’s taboo for me to utter…yea am pretty lame…you don’t have to rub it in…..getting back to the subject though..yea I think I may actually have deep feelings for this one… only hindrance is…since I’ve never dabbled in this field of ‘ black magic ‘ …like I said earlier I don’t know how to go about it all….

I know I should ask for help but I wanna learn on my own…(I’m a stubborn idiot I know)…when I came to the realization of the situation…I sat back and smiled…now whether or not I hit or miss with doesn’t really matter…the simple fact that I know now that it’s possible and I have an idea of how it feels is enough for me…I guess it’s a sense of accomplishment..don’t know if that made any sense to you guys but yea…now if I can just conjure up all this courage I have to do some of the things I’m usually afraid to do and concentrate it into making this person aware of how I feel then I’ll be good…

Well…I’ve swam this far in… guess it’s time to dive under…..I’m expecting to drown but I do hope I make it back to the surface :/


In This Life

In life people often struggle to figure out what it is exactly we should be doing…some manage to figure this out while some fall short of their answer…the ones that do find their answer, are the ones that stand out and become etched in time…

People spend most of their lives just existing , following a tradition passed down….not knowing why they do but just cause it’s always been….most seem to be content with it all..but there’s a small few that question their existence..those are the ones that go on to find their answers…they persistently and arduously pursue their answer….and in their journey they follow and create new paths to finding an answer…..each answer is different for each person is different…..every experience is personal….giving a different outcome or set answer…..but there is an unyielding will that drives these people…..this will gives them no other choice but to find their answer…the funny thing about it all is that their question for existence can only be answered by themselves….no one or being can give them this answer but themselves…so within their entire journey this answer resides with them but they don’t realize this until they’ve reached a certain level of comprehension to their own existence…so it then goes from them trying to unearth an answer for all existence, to finding an answer for their own self existence…..and now this arduous journey to find an end becomes easier to see…..they now KNOW what it is they’re searching for exactly….then becomes more of a reality to them…to others it may still seem intangible….but to them it is tangible…because it’s their answer…..

In this life one thing counts…and it is up to you to find out what that one thing is…


You know what really excites me?…passion..anything or anyone that has this immense level of passion intrigues me….I become engulfed…I then gain a lot of respect for that thing or person…

I saw a few things this morning and it sent me on a mental trip..the first was an interview with Kanye West on the Ellen DeGeneres Show….I always knew he was a passionate person but watching this interview I realized that he and I cross paths on certain views…his love for music and art is similar to mine…ways in which he wants to innovate with these ‘ tools ‘ I find myself wanting to do the same….. the second thing I saw was a behind the scenes video on how the people at Adobe went about creating their newest product which is Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection…the amount of thought process that went into it all was incredible….they were very meticulous about how they wanted to present it and what features they wanted in that product…and as you can imagine the end results were beautiful….they knew what they wanted and how they wanted to achieve it…that right there is admirable…I have a great love for a love of…to me the greatest form of passion is art…I feel that the way you can express yourself with it is endless…you have no limits..only creativity…when I watch persons that are so passionate about what they do it gives me a ‘ high ‘…..there’s no greater joy than that of watching someone create or becoming intrigued by something…their curiosity sends them spiraling into a world of adventure and discovery…curiosity begets passion and passion begets endless possibilities….anytime a person allows themselves to become so dissolved in passion I feel success is imminent….thats because in this state you open yourself up to energies that attract and propel you into good fortune…and anyone who disagrees with this statement needs a lobotomy….or is a bitter prune because they didn’t make it anywhere in life and hates anyone who aspires to…you’ve just got to appreciate any form of passion…cause it’s special….(side note..I want you to know that I don’t throw these words around in my everyday vocab..i.e beautiful, special, passion when I do use em am sincere about em)…an example of how much I’m fascinated about this stuff is that, I could absolutely abhor a person to an extent where I’d wanna throw up when I see em…but if they’re passionate about something I tolerate them because I respect their love for what ever it is they do…although I may have a dislike for them their passion shows that they have a love for life through an aspect of it…I love life so I’m going to respect their love for life…if I don’t then thats a disrespect for life itself….thats just how I feel…anyone with a passion has a purpose…and that purpose leads to greatness on a grandeur level….

well that’s all you guys get today..hope you enjoyed it…and if not..ask yourself..why the hell do you keep reading this stuff???